Give yourself the gift of thoughtful care… Dr. Bernhard creates a friendly, relaxing, and healing experience every time you enter his office.

My promise to you is that both the process of getting care from me as well as the treatment itself will be restorative in every way—I treat you, not just your condition.

I have been a practicing chiropractor in Santa Cruz for over 25 years and I continue to enjoy every individual I have the opportunity to treat. Working with a diversity of patients with wide-ranging concerns is endlessly rewarding. The human body is a wondrous marvel and source of infinite interest and awe for me. My current interests and the therapeutic approaches I offer arise from my education, the individual cases I have encountered, and the varied and extensive training I have received.

I combine a variety of treatment modalities with chiropractic to give you the approach you need so that you can have both an enjoyable experience of the care I offer and get on with your life.

My care provides you a first stop for an injury, chronic pain, or an internal ailment so that:

  • You come only for as short a time as it takes to get you well.
  • Your experience in my office is relaxing, warm, and restorative.
  • We work together to discover the optimal treatment path that feels comfortable to you.
  • You have access to an excellent referral network if a different type of practitioner is more appropriate.

Come experience chiropractic care in Santa Cruz in an enjoyable way—soothing, relaxing, comforting, restorative, and effective.